SkinFirm Maternity Stretch Mark Repair Cream

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Calling all new Mommies! Looking to start repairing skin and disappearing stretch marks from the last 9 months? Give this a try! Firm the skin by theStretch Marks and Wrinkles is a treatment moisturizer that targets fine lines, wrinkles and visible signs of aging. It also dramatically improves stretch marks on the body.

Developed designed for the stretch marks of Mom before and after birth, it contains a mango essence and a variety of plant nutrition repair driven ingredients, which is easy to absorb for your skin! Reduce stretch marks and obesity lines caused by pregnancy, promote cell regeneration and enhance the elasticity of the skin.


[Repair Texture] The natural essence of Centella asiatica penetrates into the bottom layer of the skin damaged tissue. Repairs obesity and stretch marks caused by sagging skin from pregnancy.

[Recovery Elasticity] Restores the original elasticity of the skin and replenishes lost collagen. Moisturizing your skin, relieves itching, and doesn't dry out.

[Firm Skin] Improve skin relaxation, combine multiple nutrients, firm skin, and eliminate growth of stretch marks.

SkinFirm Maternity Stretch Mark Repair Cream

SkinFirm Maternity Stretch Mark Repair Cream

SkinFirm Maternity Stretch Mark Repair Cream


We put our skin and body through a lot which can often mean stretch marks, scars, burns or even overly dry skin.

Our ever-popular and best-selling stretch marks and scars cream uses natural and effective ingredients that penetrate deep into your skin and deliver the highest levels of moisture.

With a light hint of cocoa butter, this hydrating and nourishing cream to increase your skins elasticity, prevent and visibly reduce the appearance of stretch marks and scars and come to the rescue for dry skin.