Secure Phone Holder Pro Plus 6 for Bicycle

  • $29.99


Now you can ride with your bikes, motorcycles with GPS for easy navigation hands-free!

Secure Phone Holder Pro Plus 6 for Bicycle


You don't need to waste time trying to figure out if you have the right mounting clamp, the right size holder or mount. It's all included with your order to fits round handlebars from 7/8 - 1 1/4 inches.


Super Easy to Install

Installed in minutes - It's one screw and everything is included right down to the Allen key.

Keep your phone in view

At a glance you tell if you want to answer the caller, giving you the option of ignoring your phone or pulling over to take that important call or get your important message.

GPS Navigation

With GPS, you can easily avoid traffic and always find your way. The only way to get lost is if you want to.

Rider Apps

Have the your favorite rider app open and explore biker friendly locations

MP3 Player

Enhance your ride with your favorite playlist at your fingertips

Avoid having to constantly pull over

Instead of pulling over every few minutes to check directions, let your phone tell you each turn needed


Compatible with Motorcycles, Scooters, ATVS Bicycles, and E-Bikes

Have lots of toys…the phone mount will allow you to take it with you from Motorcycle to bicycle, to Scooters to E-bikes, and even your ATV. As long the machine has round handlebars between 7/8- 11/4 inch diameter or get one for each


Ride CARE FREE knowing that your expensive phone is SAFE and SECURE! All metal construction - no cheap plastic here!

There's nothing worse than dropping your expensive phone except when it's dropping your expensive phone going 60 mph. Our durable all metal construction ensures that your phone will still be there allowing you to enjoy your ride




Fits phones up to 4 inches wide with cases ¾" thick

360 degree turn radius

Fits most phone makes and models (with or without the case)

Sits 2 inches off your handlebars freeing up valuable space

All metal construction provides excellent durability

Easy to install – its just one screw

Tool included for installation

Will not scratch your bike or phone

Fits securely on your handlebars

Fits round handlebars with 7/8 inch, 1 inch, or 1 ¼ inch diameter bars

Compatible with Motorcycles, Scooters, Bicycles, and E-Bikes

Includes one machined aluminium mount with tools and parts for installation.


Phone and Motorcycle not included.

Trending Point does NOT recommend or endorse texting while riding! Please ensure safe riding habits and obey local highway laws.