Relaxza™ Neck & Shoulder Massager

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We hardly get time to relax our body because of our busy schedules and lack of physical activities. That is where Relaxza™ comes to the rescue.

It is a cushion massager that can relieve you from any kind of bodily strain or pain. Relaxza™ looks like a U-shaped neck cushion but it is equipped with a set of massaging nodes that rotate in both clockwise and counter-clockwise directions to release your muscles tension and fatigue. It accelerates muscle recovery, reduces muscle pain and increases flexibility, thus improving blood circulation and helps you sleep better.

Relaxza™ massager is an automatic device and allows you to use it anywhere on your body. It also has a heating coil which is activated by the heating button or the fourth button of the panel. If the temperature exceeds the critical point, the smart massager automatically turns off the heating mechanism.

Whether you are taking a nap at home or travelling in your car, Relaxza™ will give you a soothing massage, anytime.

  • Massaging Nodes: Relaxza™ has a pair of 2 massage nodes near the middle, one on the left and one on the right. Each node is having 2 big heads and 6 small heads that can rotate in both clockwise and counter-clockwise directions. These nodes provide you with a thorough and relaxing massage. The direction of the nodes changes automatically but you can also change the direction using a button given on it.
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  • Automatic Temperature Control: Relaxza™ is equipped with an automatic temperature control unit. When the heat inside the massager reaches a critical point, the device automatically shuts down the heating mechanism until it reaches the normal temperature. So you don't have to worry about it and focus on what you are doing, be it rest or work.
  • Full Body Massager: Relaxza™ not only massages your neck, but it can also massage your back, shoulder, leg, arm, etc. It basically gives you a full body massage providing soothing therapy for the muscles to effectively release muscle tension and helps you relax.
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  • Easy to Use Buttons: Relaxza™ has a panel of four buttons. The first button is used to turn on/off the device. The second button is used to switch the direction of the massage nodes. The third button is used to control the intensity of the massager and the fourth button is used to turn on/off the heating mechanism.
  • Carry it Anywhere, Anytime: Relaxza™ is a lightweight and easy to carry the device. It can be used in your home or your car as it comes with two power cables, one of them is for your home and the second one can be used in a car.
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  • Premium Quality: Relaxza™ is made from premium faux leather which looks and feels very smooth. It has a high-quality double-layer design which checks on any wearing issue. The inside of the massager has a breathable mesh layer which ensures the exchange of air and makes the process non-sweaty.