SleepU™ - Maternity Pillow

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Are you constantly tired and sleepy? Hard to find that perfect angle to finally get sleep?

Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center found links between both the quantity and quality of a pregnant woman's sleep and complications at birth, including low birth weight and preterm births. You deserve to catch up on all the sleep you are missing, for your health and your future little one's health. Use our SleepU™ Pregnancy Support Pillow to get that good night's sleep. It supports your front and backside, as well as your neck.

a woman lying on a bed


Super Soft- Soft mesh hollow fibers that makes it adjustable to any body type or any sleeping pattern.Which means you can sleep on any side and sleep like a baby throughout the night. Makes even the hardest of floors feel like a soft mattress you're laying on.

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Machine Washable- Can include this in your weekly wash with the rest of your clothes. No special instructions needed. Just take off the cover, slip it into the load and it's fresh and clean again without any shrinking or discoloration.

Cuddlevi - Maternity Pillow

Maximum Support- In all positions on all surfaces. No more stacking up pillows just to get the perfect comfort. Just use the Sleep U™️ and you will feel the comfort of ten pillows all in one.

    a woman lying on a bed
      • Material: Cotton
      • Filling: Polyester
      • Size: 70cm x 130cm
      Package Includes:
      • 1* SleepU™ - Maternity Pillow