Portable SandBlaster Silzi™

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Gone will be the days when you had to manually remove large layers of rust and paint using sandpaper. With Silzi™ you can now get a more convenient method for this labor-intensive and time-consuming job. It is a gravity feed sandblasting gun that effectively removes rust, scale, and corrosion from all kinds of surfaces and finishes such jobs in the least amount of time possible.

Since the gun is gravity fed it requires nothing more than a common air hose and is already equipped with its own abrasive container with large capacity for convenient loading. It has a fully adjustable control valve that gives you precise control on media flow. Simply fill it up with fine sand, black steel jade, silicone, and remove surface contaminants without any hard work.

Whether it is auto restoration, furniture refinishing or DIY projects, Silzi™ will effectively etch and clean all surfaces.

  • Ergonomic Design: Silzi™ can be used for both outdoor and indoor projects. It is specially designed as a cordless sandblaster with a pistol grip handle and a top mounted container that allows you to top off your abrasive material easily and get back to your job quickly. It will come in handy for all kinds of jobs so go ahead and give those kitchen tiles a makeover without having to buff the surface repeatedly.

Portable SandBlaster Silzi
  • Portable: Whether you want to get some professional work done in your garage or your neighbor needs some help removing rusts from vehicle alloys, Silzi™ sandblaster will always come in handy. It is lightweight and portable, which makes it easy for you to carry wherever you want. Moreover, it will efficiently remove rusts and corrosion from hard to reach places.
    Portable SandBlaster Silzi
  • Useful for both Personal and Professional Purposes: If you are in full time refurbishing business such as a garage or run a hardware store, then Silzi™ is perhaps the most compatible equipment you should own. It's safe and easy to use so if you have just started using the sandblaster, it will be a piece of cake for you.

Portable SandBlaster Silzi
  • Premium Quality Material: Silzi™ sandblaster has been created out of high-grade ABS and robust steel nozzle makes it sturdy and durable. It will go a long way in easing out your cleaning and buffing projects.