Luna LED™ Light Kit

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Luna LED Light Kit

You can finally get the Professional lighting you need to create AMAZING photos and Videos in a COMPLETE KIT with the Luna 12" LED Light Kit

Works with ALL Smartphones and Digital Cameras!

Luna LED Light Kit

Everything you need to grow your Social Media by shooting Incredible photos and videos in one kit! Just add your own smartphone or camera!

Luna 12" dimmable ring light kit creates the almost perfect shadowless fill lighting around your face giving it a halo effect perfect for makeup artists or video bloggers giving a near flawless look, while the long lasting LED bulbs (50,000 hrs+) are cool to the touch so you can keep your cool under the bright lights, with no annoying humming or flickering common with fluorescent bulbs.

Luna LED Light Kit

The Luna LED Light Kit is excellent for taking Professional Hands Free Photos & Videos for:

  • Facebook Live
  • Youtube tutorials
  • Instagram Stories
  • Professional Photography & Video
  • Periscope
  • Use your Photo Booth App perfect for weddings
  • Use your teleprompter App for perfect video
  • Conference Calls
  • Marketing yourself on Social Media
  • FaceTime
  • Skype Calls
  • Makes a Great Gift!

Kit Includes:

    • 12" Professional Ring Light
    • 6 foot light stand
    • DSLR camera heavy duty mount with 1/4 fitting
    • Smartphone Mount that allows you to shoot in landscape or portrait
    • White and Orange Filters to change color temperature

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Luna LED Light Kit

By Mauricio, February 28, 2019

Takes my photography to the next level!
I am amazed that in today's world, anyone can produce professional looking pictures and video. That is specially true now that we have phones with such powerful cameras!.
The only thing missing in my gear was this dimmable ring!. Now my video really pops out.
The lighting is great, strong and smooth.
The value is amazing for all you get for the price. WOW.
I would recommend this to anyone who wants to take their videography of photography to the next level

Luna LED Light Kit

March 3, 2019

What a clever and innovative product! Think of the savings with such a professional set-up you can do yourself. Anyone who does Social Media marketing needs this product. With the professional lighting, a YouTuber's must have! Great for family reunions! You've got to love a better mousetrap. Great product!

Luna LED Light Kit

By Billy D, March 1, 2019

Great product. I especially like controlling the amount of light. I use the orange filter ring for portraits, and use regular lighting for product photography.

We Love All The Support & Can't Thank Our Customers Enough!!

Luna LED Light KitLuna LED Light Kit

Luna LED Light KitLuna LED Light KitLuna LED Light Kit
Luna LED Light KitLuna LED Light KitLuna LED Light Kit


12" LED Dimmable Ring Light

Smartphone Adapter Bracket (fits nearly all smartphones including iPhones, Android phones,

Heavy Duty Ball Pivot mount to attach your expensive DSLR or Digital Cameras

Removable Frosted Filter for adjusting color temperature

Sturdy 6.23 Foot Light Stand Includes

Standard 110 volt USA plug - UK and EU Plug adapters available for other countries

Simplified instructions for quick and easy setup

12" Ring Light Specifications: Color Temperature: 3600 Lumen

Led Quantity: 180 pc

DC Output: 15 Volts

Inner Dimensions: 225mm Outer Dimensions: 345mm

Brightness Adjustment: 0%-100%

Power: 42 Watt

AC input: 100-240V (includes USA Plug adapter, UK & EU available)

Question: What is the difference between an LED and fluorescent ring light?

Answer: The LED light bulbs are a superior lighting source, lasting over 50000 hours and is very durable, fluorescent bulbs break easy and can cause "waves" in the photographs.

The best...... period. Luna Lite creates QUALITY, long lasting products that you will absolutely love.. GUARANTEED.


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