INVISI-BRA™ (2 Pairs)

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Cup Size

INVISI-BRA is an invisible adhesive bra that lifts, shapes and supports your breasts with MAX COMFORT and LIFT! You wear it and have support just like a regular bra, but without the straps.

This Product Is Not Sold In Stores!

INVISI-BRA is for ALL occasions where a regular bra just won't work. It's for strapless, low back dresses and the halter necks styles, bikinis or ANYTHING where you don't want your bra to show but still want the support, lift, and great shape!

INVISI-BRA comes with Second Skin Technology and a Unique and Effective Adhesive:

  • It mimics your skin by breathing and stretching.
  • For steamy dance floors and swimming pools.

INVISI-BRA is latex-free and allergy friendly, with 97% cotton.

You can cut to customize the shape of your INVISI-BRA and is best done while wearing it.

  • THE NEWEST INVISI-BRA: The latest Invisi-Bra comes with an adhesive breast lift tape which make your breasts have an instant lift and appear perky and firm. One size fits all! Invisi-Bra's upgraded womens' nipple-covers are large enough to provide better coverage for your breast with keeping the lift and overall shape you're looking for!
  • WATERPROOF: Yes, that's right, they are waterproof so get ready to put on a bikini this summer and have your boobs looking better than ever before! No sag, all lift!
  • STICKY & SAFE: Medical grade bio-adhesive, no irritation to skin. Biological self-adhesive with good air permeability cloth, so that the Invisi-Bra effect of the whole product is more powerful, and making your boobs appear more firm. Invisi-Bra will cover your entire breast nipple area elegantly. A delicate way to go bra-less.
  • NATURAL LOOK AND INVISIBLE: This Invisi-Bra has a thin edge and thicker center to better protect and hide nipples and most sensitive areas of your breasts. The nude seamless nipple-less covers make them look natural and invisible even under sheer clothing. Nobody will notice you’re wearing them. Perfect to use as undergarments for swimwear, formal dresses, and revealing tops that may not provide enough back coverage for wearing a full bra.The Invisi-Bra is the perfect solution for all kinds of tops, blouses, strapless, backless, deep-V, wedding dresses, swimwear and bikinis, gowns, tanks, crop tops, etc!
  • WASHABLE AND REUSABLE: After each use, rinse with warm water below 30℃, and mild soap then air dry. After drying, the plastic sheets can be reattached on and put them in a bag for next use. Premium quality makes the nipple covers able to be worn multi times without loss of stickiness.
  • TIPS: Before using, wipe breasts with a warm towel; Please dry in the shade, not exposed to the Sun. Exposure to the Sun may reduce the stickiness of silicone; Sweat and high temperatures may affect the stickiness of silicone gel. The Invis-Bra may not provide enough adhesion and support for larger breasts (DDD-cup or larger).

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