Infravis™ Night Vision Scope

  • $129.99
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Owning a night vision scope will no longer be a far fetched dream that involved doing extensive research and spending thousands of bucks. You can now turn on your Sherlock mode and go dig in the dark with Infravis™. It's a night vision scope with high definition camera quality that allows you to locate objects in the dark. It comes with a display screen attached on the top that shows everything covered by the camera lens up to 400 yards.

Unlike traditional ways when you had to use proper lighting to illuminate your surroundings and capture the images, Infravis™ is equipped with 850nm infrared wavelength and 3W infrared lamp power that produces a clear and crisp image of anything that is not visible to the naked eye in the dark.

It also offers a wide viewing field so that you can cover enough area at once. The body is specially designed as lightweight but sturdy so as to ensure convenient handling of the device. Whether it is a windy night or drizzling, this night vision scope can withstand any weather condition.


Infravis™ is possibly one of the best devices to locate anything in the dark and its possession will ensure safety and security at all times.




  • High Powered Infrared Flashlight: Infravis™ night vision scope also comes with an infrared flashlight that does not provide your typical illumination; it utilizes infrared technology, which means it does not shine detectable light. This, in turn, makes every object in the Infrared range visible on the display screen. This keeps you as stealthy as possible and only the camera can see the night vision image.

  • Monocular Magnification with Clarity Adjustment: If you find the vision getting blurry or distorted, you can adjust the magnification wheel and then simply adjust the power ring situated at the back of the device to get outstanding optical clarity.

  • Multipurpose Device; Wide Applications: Night vision scopes are extensively used by the military for navigation and surveillance but you can just as easily use it for other purposes. If you are heading out on a camping trip or are involved in wildlife observation or you are just a nature enthusiast then Infravis™ can help you spot predators in the dark. Apart from these, detectives and private investigators also use it to uncover important evidence and proof for their cases. Also, if you are extensively in the pest control business, Infravis™ will give you an all-round solution with this one-time investment.

    • Battery Powered: Since both the display monitor and infrared flashlight are battery powered, you will no longer have to spend time in charging up the device each time before you can use it. Simply put in the batteries and you are good to go. This allows you to take the device out anywhere you want without having to deal with those tangled wires. However, there is also a USB port that can be used to keep the monitor charged in case you are out of batteries.





        How to Operate:

        1. Secure display and optical IR light sight with hose clamp.

        2. Loosen the plastic screws (a total of eight), and attach the central connection tube to the back of the optical viewfinder eyepiece.

        3. Turn on the machine and rotate the lens of the machine (inside the tube) to adjust the focus, and adjust the optical cross-line to be clear.

        4. Adjust the position of the connection tube, and tighten the screws up to the cross line in the center of the display. And the commissioning of the machine is complete so far.

        5. For future applications, if the image is blurred it's caused by the different distances of the objects, the image clarity must be adjusted alongside the roller's focus (and the parallax roller adjustment) attached with the optical viewfinder. Do not move the lens of the machine, otherwise the cross line will be blurred.