Mini LUNA™ Light 6"

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Get flawless lighting in every shot with the Mini LUNA™ Light!

Who hasn’t taken a selfie and ever said I wish I had more light? well, our Mini LUNA™ Light was made for that.

Holds on to the top of any phone, tablet or laptop and shines bright with it's LED lighting.

Optimize every style with 10 different brightness levels!

Make your life easier: No more worry about replacing batteries; No more worry about finding the perfect lighting; No more worry about scratching of your devices as it is designed with scratch-resistant sponge which also prevents it from falling off.

Mini LUNA Light 6

Multi usage, work amazing! you will be able to make videos at night or take great selfies in dark areas; you will use it with your rear camera to have high fidelity photos; you can also use it as torch, emergency light, making up light and even more!

Get the perfect portable selfie lighting, anywhere, anytime!

Specifications :

LED Bulbs: 240 pcs

Total Power: 55W

Color Temperature: 3200k-5500K

Dimmable: YES

Dimming range: 1%-100%

Package contents :

1x16cm LED SMD Ring Fill Light

1x mini ball head

1x USB Plug

1x Phone clip