Solar Vehicle Exhaust Fan Turbinex™

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Isn’t it quite annoying when you aren’t able to park your car under the shade whilst the sun is beaming down! Well, studies have shown that the interior of your car can heat up to dangerous temperatures by up to 30° C or more if parked under the direct sun. It also affects the cooling of air condition and even increases the percentage of Volatile Organic Compounds that are very harmful to your health.

High temperature not only damages your car’s interiors and electronics but also make it extremely uncomfortable for both driver and passenger when it's time to drive, especially when you are traveling with kids and pets. This innovative car ventilation fan, Turbinx™ uses Solar energy to keep your car protected from overheating or damage when the sun is after it.

    Solar Vehicle Exhaust Fan Turbinx

    It features a unique design that allows you to easily mount it onto the window of any car and comes with an attached solar panel that converts solar energy into low voltage electricity to run the dual fans. Turbinx™ draws in cool and fresh air from outside and blows out hot air from your car’s interior, keeping your vehicle cool comfortable, odor-free even after being parked for hours and can be kept mounted while driving.

    Solar Vehicle Exhaust Fan Turbinx

    Intelligently designed for your comfort and convenience, Turbinx™ comes equipped with dual power mode and can be operated with batteries too. This universal car fan features an LED temperature display, is extremely lightweight, durable and effortlessly maintains a healthier and comfortable atmosphere inside your car while eliminating odor, pollutants, smoke, and toxic gases, no matter whether it’s been parked or hitting the road.


    • Protection Against Heat: Imagine walking up to your car, opening the door and feeling as if you have entered some Furnace! High temperature can heat up your dashboard area, seats, steering wheel, seat belts, etc, making them too hot to even touch. With Turbinx™ you can keep your car protected and interiors cool and fresh. Its high-efficiency dual fans remove the hot and unhealthy air from the inside and replace it with a cool and soothing outside air, keeping you refreshed even in the midst of a heatwave.

    • Solar Powered; Eco-Friendly Design: Unlike other car ventilation systems on the market, This energy saving fan doesn’t require any power supply to work. Its solar panels collect solar energy and within a few seconds under the direct sunlight, the device automatically starts working, blowing cool and fresh air in the sweltering heat. Turbinx™ also maintains a safe, comfortable temperature level, reducing the amount of fuel consumption and time taken by the air conditioner to cool down the cabin.

    Solar Vehicle Exhaust Fan Turbinx

    • Effortless Setup; Fits Any Car: With easy button operation and safe design, Turbinx™can be easily operated even by kids. You no longer need to deal with complicated installation, wires, cables or pay for professional help to get the job done! Turbinx™ is ideal for all cars and can be mounted onto your window within minutes. Simply roll down your window, place the solar fan onto it, secure with strips(leave no gaps), position the solar panel towards the sun and roll the window back up, as easy as that. Furthermore, the installation strips can be trimmed as per your requirements.

    • Dual Power Mode and Waterproof: If you are wondering that since Turbinx™ is solar powered, how is it going to work on a cloudy or rainy day then you are in for a surprise! This wireless car ventilator system has been designed to perfection and can also work on batteries, to make your traveling experience as smooth and hassle-free as possible. In case of no sunlight, simply switch the power to battery mode and it will keep the cabinet fresh, healthy and comfortable, efficiently. The outer part of this ventilation fan is completely waterproof which makes it a great addition to your car.
    Solar Vehicle Exhaust Fan Turbinx
    • Cost-efficient: Did you know regular exposure to sunlight and temperature can damage your vehicle’s interiors, dashboard cracks, upholstery, and leather fadeaway, overheating of sensitive electronics such as LCD monitors, GPS device, and phones, etc are just to name a few. Turbinx™ keeps your precious car and expensive interior protected, making sure that you won’t have to spend a fortune on repairs or replacements.

    Solar Vehicle Exhaust Fan Turbinx


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