Flexibly™ Flexible Selfie Stick

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Flexibly™ Flexible Selfie Stick is not only a selfie stick, but also is monopod, mount & stand all rolled into one pocket-able device. This Smart  Flexible Selfie Stick is truly a traveler's dream. It is extremely flexible and bendable which makes it easy for you to take the perfect photo anywhere.

Flexibly™ is made from non slip polyethylene material which ensures the selfie stick maintains a perfect grip on all surfaces and all objects.It can also be easily bend, formed and wrapped in any instances. The clamp where you place your smartphone is extremely secure and will not wobble. This guarantees that your photos and videos will look crystal clear and smooth. More importantly, you do not have to worry about your devices slipping.It is also constructed with ergonomics in mind. The selfie stick comfortably wraps around your hand ensuring stability and comfort.

With the included Bluetooth remote, you now can have the freedom to take photos at longer distances with a single click. Say goodbye to setting up cumbersome tripods on uneven ground or floor which results in ugly or blurry photos.

What separates Flexibly™ from other selfie sticks is that it is not only flexible in nature but it is also flexible and versatile in its application and use. Whether you are an avid traveler, sports enthusiast or housewife you will love our Flexible Selfie Stick. Flexibly™ can also be used in the office, home, gym, cars and bikes. Our Flexible Selfie Stick is truly an all in one solution and definitely the most flexible selfie stick in the world!

Multi Usage & Conditions

Car - As Vehicle Phone Holder

You can absolutely use it in the car with your smartphone while you are driving and you want to use GPS; Can also be used in the behind seat while you want to watch tv and you are too lazy to carry your device.


Bike - As Phone Support

You must meet this situation - you are riding the bike and you'd like to know the following way, what you can do then? Stop to check the phone? Or follow your heart and get lost? With our fexible selfie stick, you can put it on the tap of bike, and you can check the way all time, also can record the scenes all the way. Just make sure, focus on your way first all!


Selfie - Remote From Far

Compare with the normal selfie stick, you will find our flexible selfie stick is better because of the followings: 1. flexible & adjustable, you can bend and fix it anywhere you want; 2. bluetooth remote, you can get selfie photo from far with the remote; 3. portable, mini size and easy to storage &install


Gym - Get Relax Way

While you are in the gym, you'd like to follow you class from phone, you do not need to stand up all time to check it, just fix Flexibly™ somewhere, and you can follow all steps; Also can listen to music while you are alone in the gym; If you need to record your fitness time, it will be helpful too





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